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What seemed to be impossible was possible for this New Happy Home Owners.

They reach out to us to find out information to see if they could buy but they NEVER realize that 45 days later they will be in they own HOME.

There definitely lots of moving piece when you are buying a home but it all starts with the DREAM.

Owning a home means lots of responsibilities but truly there is nothing like coming to a place call HOME. There are so many exiting things when you own your own home as it means you can do anything you want and not one will tell you anything. 

We as agents get so excited as there is nothing more rewarding that given keys to a wonderful family.



Congratulations to the Family Cardenas Martinez. It was a pleasure and an honor to

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As I sit here and freeze the time and think about Father's Day. I can only be thankful for the privilege that I been given to have the gifts I being given my 3 girls!!. 


I used to think that in order to be the best dad you would have to be perfect. As time has passed I reminisce  what my dad thought me. Some experiences were good and some were not so good but what I know is that all he thought me was the as "good" he knew. Now on this Father's Day for those who have being given the opportunity of being parents lets do our best to built a good character on them.  

I always have said that I may not be the best dad but I know my job is to build leaders out of my kids. So they can make this world a better place. 

  1. Always encourage them to do
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This is the house you were waiting for. In the desirable subdivision of La Pasada-Cathedral City. This house has everything you were looking for. One of the biggest Floor Plans within the community. From 2030 square feet and 4 bedrooms that include 2 master bedrooms and 3 baths. What can we say about the poo?l the pool and Jacuzzi is the just ready for you to go it. ahh.. By-The-Way you don't have to go outside to turn on the the pool or Jacuzzi system you can do it All with the Wireless-Control from the commodity of your room or even Bed if you wish. We can go on and on such as 3 car garage, prime location, ETC. -----Why don't you just come see it by yourself so we can be convince with your own eyes. Fiu.. See you there before it is too late.
oh oh.!!

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Is now the Time or Should you keep renting? 


This is the question many renters ask themselves today. Truth is, it is actually way inexpensive to rent than to buy. 

There are many reasons why from tax incentive at the end of the year to possible equity. You should really look into becoming a home owner and be part of the American Dream. 

 I have included a nice Calculator that puts it in Perspective for you. 

Rent vs. Buy Calculator


Best advice talk to a knowlegable agent that can guide you on your best option based on your GOALS

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